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Unique Advantages

Residentas customer price

Residentas customers have the best price guaranteed. Check the prices on our website and see for yourself.

Our booking calendar is available on this website 24/7 but if you need support, our Customer Service Team is happy to assist you at the following times and through the contacts below:

Every day of the week between between 9:30am and 5:00pm by phone/Whatsapp to Residentas Áurea +351 867 101 111 or Residentas Apóstolos & São Pedro +351 967 977 777.


Keyless entry

Entry to the Residentas building and the reserved apartment(s) is always guaranteed through access codes. Building access codes, apartment access codes, apartment number and entry instructions are sent via email or WhatsApp during the 3 days prior to your arrival. 

If you booked 1 day before or at the last minute, the codes are sent the day before or on the day of arrival, during working hours. If you booked at the last minute and are already at the door of the Residentas building, you should contact us by phone.

Important informations:

– the check-in / entrance time is at 4:00pm. The codes will not work before this time.

– whether you enter the apartment at 4:00pm or later, from the moment you have the access codes, you manage your time. 

– before calling our team to inform that you have not received the access codes, check your email box (including Spam), WhatsApp and the chat box of the booking channel you used to book the apartment(s).

– the check-out / departure time is at 11:00am. If the guest does not respect the time limit, an additional night will be charged.

Our Customer Service Team is happy to assist you at the following times and through the contacts bellow: 

Every day of the week between 9:30am and 5:00pm, by phone/Whatsapp to Residentas Áurea +351 967 101 111 or Residentas Apóstolos & São Pedro +351 967 977 777

Customer Service Team for hosted clients: in an emergency situation we advise you to call 112, but we also have a telephone number (only telephone line, without internet) that we make available to guests when we send the access codes, in case of emergencies that cannot wait until the next day.

Online check-in

Residentas guests must comply with legal requirements and provide personal data for all travelers. According to Decree-Law nº57 / 2007 – 4th of July, all non-Portuguese citizens will have to show their identification. When staying at a hotel, guests usually identify themselves at the reception. In informal accommodation, information is also required to report to SEF – the so-called Housing Bulletin. Detailed information can be found here

The process is simple and all online! You will receive in your email, 72 hours before arrival, the Check-in Form where you insert the personal data of all guests in a 100% secure way. 

This way, you won’t have to worry about formalities when you arrive at Residentas apartments.

Hygiene and Safety

Residentas is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees and visitors. We have an important role to play in limiting the negative impact of this pandemic on the community.

Circulation areas 

All disinfection protocols in public areas have been revised in accordance with current restrictions and requirements.

A disinfectant solution was placed at the entrance / exit of each Residentas building.

All customers must wear a mask when circulating in Residentas closed spaces. 

Residentas units are certified by Turismo de Portugal with the Clean & Safe seal. 


All employees received specific training for the COVID-19 context.

All employees are properly equipped with personal protective equipment, adjusted to their functions.


We minimized all materials on paper or other objects, thus avoiding unnecessary handling by several people.

We removed tapestry pieces.

All of our food items are new, packaged and made for individual use.

In each apartment, sanitary kits made up of face masks, disinfectant solution and alcohol gel will be available under payment. 

We strengthened our presence on WhatsApp, so that you can send requests or have the necessary support via your mobile phone.

At the entrance of each Residentas building, we provided access to the document that informs about the defined procedures in case a case of COVID-19 infection is detected. It can be consulted in a summarized version in English or a complete document in Portuguese


The correct implementation of the guidelines given by the local authorities inevitably led to changes in the service level of the Residentas units. These changes will have the possibility to be reviewed over time.