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We share the excitement of arriving early to a new destination; we also know that sometimes the flight schedule conflicts with the rules and times of check-in and check-out of the accommodation. Don’t let logistical conflicts hold you back from maximising your time in a new place.

We have an exciting solution that will revolutionise the way you travel. We’ve partnered with LUGGit, a company that provides hassle-free luggage collection, storage, and delivery services wherever and whenever you want. With LUGGit, you can enjoy the freedom of exploring the city without being held back by your luggage or the constraints of your flight and accommodation schedules.

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How do I request the service?
You just need to select the pick-up and drop-off locations, the time and date for the collection and delivery, and the number and type of bags – small, big and/or out-of-format (i.e. surfing boards, baby carriers, bicycles, rackets, etc.).

How does it work?
After booking LUGGit’s service, you will receive a confirmation email and a WhatsApp message with all the information regarding the service. Thirty minutes before the collection time, you will receive a message with all the information about the Keeper (driver) assigned to you, such as their name, the vehicle they are driving, the number plate and an encrypted phone number through which you can contact the Keeper.

At the pickup time and location, the Keeper will meet you, collect and store your luggage, and then deliver it back to you at the drop-off time and place you selected.
Through LUGGit’s mobile app, you can track the location of your luggage in real-time.

How can I pay for the service?
You pay for the service the moment you request it. The payment methods available are credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Paypal.

How much does it cost?
The value of the service is calculated based on three factors: the distance between the luggage pick-up and delivery locations, the storage time (which can be from hours to weeks), and the number and type of luggage. Before making any payment, you can see the price by filling in the conditions you want for the service.

Is it safe?
When collecting your luggage, the Keeper seals each bag with a tamper-proof seal. Each seal has a unique number and QR code that identifies your bags.

Each bag is insured for up to €500 to cover any unforeseen external event. You can also activate the Premium insurance when requesting the service, covering each bag up to €1,200.
During the service, you can always access your luggage location (by downloading the mobile application) and the responsible Keeper’s information – name, vehicle and contact details. Additionally, LUGGit’s customer support is always available to help with any needs.

How can I contact LUGGit support?
LUGGit has a customer support service available every day from 8:00am to 8:00pm, local time, through Whatsapp, the Website Chat or the Mobile Application chat. Alternatively, you can call them at (+351) 965 965 399.

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